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Decatur’s City Center is the “front door” of our community. Many good programs have been proposed or are underway to improve the appearance of the Decatur area. The new Amphitheatre in Founder’s Park provides opportunities for the entire community to enjoy the beauty of downtown Decatur. The completed City Center Streetscapes establish an inviting downtown while the continued development of Delano Park “bookends” the downtown redevelopment. Promotion of the downtown on the water towers will announce a beautiful Decatur and extend an invitation to those approaching the downtown area. Beautification is a component that heavily impacts all the other component areas in this plan and visualizes the success for the future. The following projects and programs will form the nucleus of a Beautification strategy for Decatur’s City Center in the future. Over the next five years, we will:

  • Establish formal architectural gateway entrances to the City Center
  • Develop, implement and maintain landscape plans for all city and county parking lots and a number of the downtown alleys
  • Develop mural projects in the downtown

Five-Year Goals:

  • Establish downtown architectural gateway entrances for Canal Street at Wilson Street, Lee Street at 6th Avenue and 2nd Avenue at Gordon Drive
  • Develop select downtown alleys into points of interest to correspond with the enacted landscape plans for all city and county parking lots in the City Center


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